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Thoughts of suicide began to visit me four years ago from 2019. It was this year that my father died and it was a big shock for me, maybe this is a bad topic for a blog, but now I want to share my experiences with you. There were 3 attempts and it never worked, as you might guess. This year I almost gave up these thoughts, but they started to visit me again and now I’m trying to kill myself again … Ha, sounds funny and stupid at the same time. An interesting fact, I am writing this post with a noose around my throat, the stick on which I tried to die broke 😅🤣.And it was at that moment that I got the idea to write a blog about it. Although I understand that suicide is for weak people, but I’m tired of pretending to be strong. Only here can I be real and sincere. Strange topic for an entire second post…

(Mistakes are possible since I write through a translator)

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